Past Projects

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Past Projects

Tailored Telecom Manufacturing Infrastructure

After buying unused land from Munjal Auto Industries Ltd., a major transformation took place. This site was turned into a modern factory, specially built for producing telecom cables. The new facility is tailored to the latest production needs, paving the way for innovation and expansion in the telecom cable manufacturing sector.

Transfer of NH48-Shahjahanpur Industrial Facility

Following the acquisition through auction, the factory underwent a significant transformation. The facility itself received a substantial overhaul, with enhancements that included construction to expand the available space. Ultimately, the rejuvenated factory, poised for operation, was handed over to a medical parts manufacturer.

Acquisition of Khushkhera Factory

The Khushkhera factory was acquired via an auction under the SARFESI Act from Kotak Mahindra-Phoenix ARC. After this, it was revamped, machinery was dismantled and its value was extracted. Then, the physical factory premises and manufacturing license were sold to a manufacturing entity. This facility is situated in the  RIICO industrial area.

NW Infra and Four D Infra & Logistics

NW Infra and Four D Infra & Logistics successfully united to bolster their rail freight network, executing a strategic acquisition of essential railhead assets. Through meticulous market analysis and comprehensive due diligence, they ensured these additions met high performance and regulatory benchmarks.