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Delhi-Mumbai Super Expressway Project

Economic Hubs Along Super Expressway

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Establishing Thriving Economic Hubs Along NE-4 Delhi-Mumbai Super Expressway

We are strategically positioning Economic Growth Centres near the newly established NE-4 Delhi-Mumbai Super Expressway to harness the burgeoning economic opportunities emerging from this state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our objective is to draw significant investments in manufacturing and logistics into these prime zones.

Currently, we have consolidated a 30-acre plot for the development of an industrial cluster in the initial phase and are actively progressing towards the acquisition of additional locations along the Jaipur spur road including -Lalsot and also the Bharatpur-Alwar SH-(NCR)

The offerings in these clusters include fully licensed, state-compliant, and regulated spaces designed to accommodate cutting-edge warehousing and manufacturing operations.